I ended up by happenstance in Lura’s “Acting for Lawyers and Others” class at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and was very impressed with her warmth and skill. Since then I’ve worked with her on a personal basis and hired her to work with our staff of 72 employees. I learned from Lura how to bring my core authentic self up on stage and to make effective choices in communication—to craft a message and an experience rather than just letting things fly. I’ve learned how to calm down, become centered, and allow some drama—and some fun—to become a part of the presentation. The best part is, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the response I get from audiences.
  —Anthony Sandberg, president and founder, OCSC Sailing, Berkeley, California

Working with Lura on my presentation skills has been transformative and inspiring, as well as a lot of fun.  We have focused not only on delivery techniques such as vocal intonation and use of gestures, but also on the organization and wording of my content.  She has a remarkable ability to reshape my talks so that my points come across with maximum impact.

—Margot Murtaugh, Senior Vice President, Snyder Capital Management

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