Working with Lura on my presentation skills has been transformative and inspiring, as well as a lot of fun.  We have focused not only on delivery techniques such as vocal intonation and use of gestures, but also on the organization and wording of my content.  She has a remarkable ability to reshape my talks so that my points come across with maximum impact. 

Margot Murtaugh, Senior Vice President, Snyder Capital Management






Lura Dolas is a wonderful speaking coach. I first met Lura when she gave public speaking class at a women's technology conference. Many of the skills she taught in that brief hour made me realize that there's was a world of improvement for me when communicating with others. I've since sought Lura's help often, such as rehearsing before important presentations. She's able to provide tips not just on delivery, but on organizing content, when to explain more, when perhaps to be more succinct. I always leave her lessons rejuvenated, inspired, and improved. She has my highest recommendation.

—Maile Ohye, Google; Developer Programs Tech Lead

Lura's manner of teaching is positive, thoughtful, and encouraging. She’s also great with pre-presentation exercises, which make a huge difference. What surprised me the most was how much I looked forward to each class and how sad I was when it ended. An exciting, energizing experience!

—Bruce Nye, managing partner, Adams Nye Sinunu Bruni Becht LLP

Besides the unending breadth of technical information she imparts, Lura is able to work with clients energetically to unblock tension and allow natural instincts to soar. The speed with which she can diagnose an obstacle is only matched by the clarity with which she communicates. The result is increased confidence, clarity of intention, ease of expression, and deepening of point of view that makes her one of the finest coaches in the country.

—Charise Greene, Actor, Theater Director at Barnard/Columbia, Dialect coach for film and television

Lura Dolas is a liberator, freeing people to be comfortable and confident in their own voices, so that they not only better communicate and present themselves in speaking but also think and write more clearly about what they are communicating.

—John Paulas, Director of Fellowships and Special Projects, Townsend Center for the Humanities, UC Berkeley

Lura’s coaching was genius – generous, supportive, clear, loving and rigorous. … I could almost always see instant and substantive improvements. … Her attention to each student was unqualified; her comments were so astute and so on point.

—Peter Glazer, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies; UC Berkeley

Lura is a gifted actor and teacher. She has always been deeply committed to her work, whether it has been on stage, in a classroom, or working with business and legal professionals. Her ability to get to the heart of a message enables her to reach her audience and touch them deeply. I highly recommend her.

—Douglas Leach, Owner Principal, Home Cooking San Francisco

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